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About Us

Aeropods, based in the North West of Ireland, came about when we started looking at utilising our engineering and construction skills when Covid-19 hit.

Because of our access to commercial jet parts, we decided to create home office, point-of-sales, garden rooms and glamping pod units for business and personal uses.

Why Choose Aeropods?

Each one of our bespoke pods can be designed and fitted out to your exact requirements and we will work closely with you so you can get the best from your pod and create that unique space you’ve always wanted.

Our pods come from up-cycled aeroplanes. The main external structure is made from aluminium and the flooring is built to last from high-quality materials.  They are low maintenance so no need for painting. Internally, you just need to wipe down and externally, it’s just like washing a car. Their large glass fronts offer exceptional panoramic views.

Our Aeropods can be built for whatever your needs are and should add value to your property.  Offering a unique, safe space, our aeropods are at reasonable prices. Call us today to discuss and get a quotation.

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Phone: 086 073 8508
Phone: 089 941 1297

If calling us from outside Ireland please use the international prefix code 00353 before the phone number

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