We have just completed the construction of new (6 window) accommodation pods. These Aeropods are a unique solution for Students, Remote Workers, Hostels and Bed And Breakfasts. Made from recycled commercial jets a truly sustainable Eco friendly design.

Built to an industrial standard they are highly insulated for all-year-round use. Equipped with a built-in heater, power/USB sockets, LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, double glazing, french doors, electric shower, extractor fan, fire alarm, emergency lighting and even an outside light. The pod user can enjoy their comfortable stay with room for a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen with sink and hot/cold water. A built in bathroom with an enclosure, shower, toilet and basin. They have an aluminium shell so rust will never be an issue. Very low maintenance is required and all you need to do is wash them like a car. They have a built in lifting system with wheels so are easy to move on a concrete slab or driveway. Complete with a 20-year structural warranty its a great company investment.

Bespoke construction to larger or smaller sizes. They can also be vinyl wrapped in the colour or design of your choice, and could even have your company logo on the side. Call today for your free quote.