We have just completed the installation of this luxury Garden Pod in Ireland. Our customer wanted to enjoy their breathtaking views while being able to remotely work from home. This was a custom-built installation, it has a raised composite decking and also a staircase. The 4-meter-wide panoramic window allows them see the amazing sunsets over the rolling hills in the distance. With the additional bonus was freeing up much-needed bedroom space in the home without building an extension. Always up for a challenge we lifted the Pod over the house to get it exactly in the perfect location while watching out for any wind. Our professional team will do what it takes to make their deliveries!

Aeropods are highly insulated for all-year-round use and will not rust because of the aluminium shell. Equipped with a built-in heater, power/USB sockets, LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, double glazing, and much more. Built to last from eco friendly recycled commercial jets. Suitable for use as an Office, Garden Room, Playroom, Sensory Room, Gym, or even a Bar, the choice is yours. Very low maintenance is required and all you need to do is wash them like a car. They can be vinyl wrapped in your choice of colours or stylish design. They also come complete with a 20-year warranty for complete piece of mind. Call today for your free quote.