Commercial Office Pods

All our Aeropods are built for commercial use and are ideal as an office space. These pods are a bespoke design so they will suit all your company’s requirements. We offer a full 20-year structural warranty but very low maintenance is required. Installed in a day, they have built-in panel heaters, or could be fitted with underfloor heating. The lighting is low-power LEDs and Bluetooth speakers are fitted in the ceiling. For safety, they have a fire exit light, emergency lighting, and a smoke alarm. Constructed from upcycled planes making them, corrosion resistant, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. They have aviation-standard insulation and double-glazed windows. The exterior can also be vinyl wrapped in your organization’s logo and colours. Call today to discuss your requirements.


Commercial School Pods

Our Commercial School Pods firstly are built to last and have been designed to improve a business’s need for additional space. These pods provide a soothing and quiet environment for people who struggle with sensory overload caused by noise and stimulation. Especially It aids vulnerable children and people to self-regulate as well as develop coping mechanisms. Users can relax and enjoy their therapeutic break. The Pods can be installed indoors or outdoors in any weather. They are perfect for public and private spaces, such as Airports, Schools, Sports Clubs, Music Venues, Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, and at home. Contact us today to find out more about Aeropods features and benefits.