Our new Home Office Pods are now ready for delivery. These pods look amazing and offer panoramic views from your desk. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland and now you can in your own garden. Many businesses are allowing their employees to undertake some or all of their work remotely and are understanding the advantages of working from home. In addition to the cost savings on fuel bills, staff are also happier and more productive. With less traveling people are fast becoming more satisfied in their jobs and have more time for family life.

Aeropods are the ideal solution as you can create a quiet and warm working space outside at your home. As they are bespoke units, they can be tailored to suit your needs and can even be fitted with a kitchen and bathroom. They are fully insulated and come with a built-in heater, power sockets, led lighting, and Bluetooth speakers. With the advantages of the Internet, you can still have your meetings face-to-face with customers and work colleagues so you’re still part of the team!

Call us today for your free quotation and to discuss your new Home Office Pod requirements. Aeropods are built to last, offer fast installation, and come with a 20-year structural warranty.