Our commercial Sensory Pods are suitable for use in Schools, Universities, Sports Clubs, Hospitals, Childcare, Airports, Shopping Centres and even private homes. These standalone units will help stimulate, relax and soothe all the senses. However, the benefits don’t just stop there. Sensory rooms offer lasting health benefits and help promote development skills. They are a great way to help assist anyone on the spectrum of Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders.

Sensory Aeropods are the ideal solution if space is limited as they can be installed on the playing fields, in a garden, or in any quiet area. Due to the highly insulated construction and double-glazed windows, these sensory pods are warm and almost totally soundproof. As a bespoke construction, they can also be built to a Softplay specification for a safer and more stimulating space. They have mood LED lighting systems and Bluetooth speakers so the occupant can relax, listen to podcasts, or their favourite music.

Sensory Rooms are also ideal for large sporting venues and music festivals. Being a therapeutic escape for those experiencing sensory overload. Located away from the crowd and event action. The room can be fitted with several calming design elements. For example, aesthetically pleasing colours, comfortable seating options, and a water feature. The room could also be equipped with a TV that streams directly into the current event as it’s happening. So that the organizers truly are proactively assisting guests with their sensory sensitivities.

In addition to looking amazing, the outside can be vinyl wrapped in a choice of colours and logos. Furthermore, our pods are built to last with a corrosion-resistant aluminium aviation shell and come with a 20-year structural warranty. Being built from upcycled planes, they are fun and eco-friendly too!

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